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Andrew Maginley
Lute, theorbo, baroque guitar, english guittar

Andrew Maginley: The Baroque Lute
J.S. Bach, Adam Falckenhagen, S.L. Weiss - Avie 2115/Inkling Records INK001

"The results are quite beautiful, Bach's music sounding thoroughly at home on the lute while still recalling the cello...the dark, rich harmonies of the Weiss make quite an impact; here, as in the Bach, Maginley prefers a relaxed flow, enhanced by an attractive tone and sure sense of architecture. The Falckenhagen, its Rococo complexion all aflutter with trills and dancing melodies, provides a perfert close to this very fine recital." - Gramophone

"deeply meditavive realizations of the first rank...the recording is spot-on...
these composers make excellent bedfellows"
- International Record Review

"The results are very impressive indeed. Maginley is a highly intelligent player with an excellent, fluent technique always at the service of the music he is playing. Every movement he plays here shows a real sense of structure, each given a clearly defined shape, something not to be gainsaid with the lute. His voice leading, too, shows a real understanding of the counterpoint of Bach and Weiss, which consistently emerges with admirable clarity. High praise, too, for the rich variety of timbers and nuance Maginley draws from his instrument ... Excellent sound and an informative, well-written note by the performer further enhance this auspicious debut for the label" - Fanfare

"Andrew Maginley has a powerful technique and a musical sense that allows him much freedom of expression in these works. His sensitivity to the needs of the music is apparent in his carefully controlled bass lines and clear treble lines. His playing is seemingly effortless.... Maginley's transcription of the venerable first suite for cello by J.S. Bach, maintains the strong melodic lines of the original without cluttering them up wiht notes for notes' sake. The allemande and sarabande are particularly good examples of this minimalist approach. the melody lines stand out clearly and the rich basses of the baroque lute are used with considerable restraint... Sonata No.36 in d minor is typical Weiss in form and feeling. A standout piece of particular interest is the Courante, an interplay of the treble and bass lines with a lacy fabric of interior voices filling in the texture... In the three-movement fifth Sonata [by Falckenhagen], the opening Largo is moody and searching; the Vivace has some pretensions to seriousness, and the Allegro is just plain fun to hear. Maginley is truly in his element with these pieces." - The Lute Society of America

The Rococo Lute - Recital at the English Lute Society, April 2005

"Star performer of the day is a burly and charismatic New Yorker named Andrew Maginley, who delivers some sonatas by Adam Falckenhagen and Bernhard Hagen, court lutenists in 18th-century Bayreuth. It was great to hear this lovely music on an instrument modelled on a 1754 original. And it's good to learn his championship of these forgotten masters has resulted in two CDs, one on new label Inking Records." - The Independant

Adam Falckenhagen: Sonate di Liuto Solo
Centaur Records CRC2541

"This impressive disc presents some of the finest of Falkenhagen's music for solo lute in performance by a young lutenist who has an obvious affinity for the expressive range of the composer's style ... Maginley plays in a fashion that emphasises the impassioned quality of Falkenhagen's style and in doing so makes him appear a more impressive and original composer than he has seemed in previous recordings ... Extremely well recorded and performed with a commitment and fluency that shows a mature grasp of the possibilities of his instrument and its repertoire, this is a highly desirable and well considered debut from a lutenist of whom I hope we will hear a great deal more in the future." - The English Lute Society Magazine

"I have fallen in love with this recording ... The more I play it, the more I like Falckenhagen's music and Mr. Maginley's playing ... Maginley not only has mastered the technical aspects of playing Falckenhagen, but he plays with measured restraint, and with wonderful musical taste and phrasing ... His sound on this lute is lush and playing impeccable." - The Lute Society of America

Andrew Maginley