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Andrew Maginley
Lute, theorbo, baroque guitar, english guittar

The Frolick
My baroque band specialising in neglected theater and song music of the 17th & 18th-centuries.

Inkling Records Ltd. A new and exciting record label.
Contact www.inklingrecords.com to buy Andrew Maginley: The Baroque Lute,
or Calliope - volume the first, with Emma Curtis & The Frolick

Avie Records - Avie operates their label for and on behalf of the musicians who retain ownership of their recordings.
Working in partnership with Inkling Records, Avie will be marketing my new album with The Frolick from April 2006

To hear my recital at the Bloomington Early Music Festival, try this link to Harmonia WFIU radio, USA
Harmonia Archives

Stephen Barber (unicorn) & Sandi Harris (pegasus) - makers of historical lutes and guitars

A great source of information and downloadable music for the lute

A fabulous site with information on the life and works of the most famous lutenist of the baroque period -
Sylvius Leopold Weiss www.SLWeiss.com

The site of a fellow lutenist - Mark Wheeler and Pantagruel






Andrew Maginley